A few of my stained glass items, a few of the hundreds of items I have made of glass over the last 35 years.
A door window designed to
look old for a retired house of ill
A knight in armour
The piper aircraft logo
A ship sailing
NTSB, FAA, and an industry logo
A "rest of the story" on the
NTSB logo above. There are 5
arrows in the eagle's claw, I used
another federal logo for that
information. When I got the final
NTSB official logo design, it had
13 arrows. So, hence why I kept
this logo, and I made another
with 13 arrows for the NTSB.
Three in my series of Russian icons
My interpretation of the FAA's
labor organization's PASS logo. I
added the thunderstorm as artistic
Two of my older windows designed
for the Kellog house in Phoenix

Page 1 ~ of the author's sundials  polar, horizontal, stained glass, meridian, capuchin,  shepherds, vertical, durer, globe, cube, decliners, inclined
decliners, armillary, equatorial, etc.  
(concrete, glass, copper) - outside or long lasting.  

Page 2 ~ fine detail yet less weather proof. (PVC, wood, etc)

Page 3 ~ artistic photos of the dials in book 2. Some are rather interesting or amusing. Some bad weather (snow) pictures.

and some of the author's stained glass non sundial work.

and some 3d JPG pics also here, and also here, of sundials, both real, and 3d CAD, just for fun.

and some antique or collectible dials in the author's collection