These dials made by the author are described in "Illustrating Time's Shadow", purchase the book on paypal here.
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Some of my glass work (not sundial related) is here.
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A great resource for stained glasssundials on the web is:   
~ ~ ~ Some JPG
pictures of dials in 3d (not the modern dot stuff, but using the old antique stereogram technique)
~ ~ ~ Some dials in CAD vrml, which you can rotate, also, there are full sundial virtual worlds here that you can walk around.  
A stained glass vertical
dial and a  stained glass
meridian dial
A 4 by 10 foot vertical decliner with Italian
The garden gnome who became a gnomon
A paper pop-up dial
vertical & horizontal!
click here for some Case Studies
click here for Cutting Shadows or
Popup Shadows.
A globe dial
A shepherds dial
Cat and bird meridian dial
Projecting polar dial
A lawn azimuth dial
A horizontal copper dial
Sundial of snow
Cube decliners
declining incliner
Page 2 - wood, paper, and PVC dials
Page 3 - Interesting more artistic dials of mine
declining dials
Local recreation center kids projects
A polar, an equatorial dial and an armillary dial on columns,
longitude corrected. These are actually on the north, east and
west columns of the analemmatic dial, see this page also.
An open book is two gnomonless dials back to
back.  The gnomon is actually the edge of
the dial plate, and the case study on this easy
to make dial covers the theory as well as how
to mark such a dial plate that is not of a
constant radiua. Designed for latitude, and
the dial plates corrected for longitude, this
dial is a simple and welcome addition to the
a clay cube dial
clay polar dial
clay azimuth dials
Longitude corrected
horizontal dial with 7
calendar lines, and a
nodus about 60% up the
analemmatic azimuth dial
A true east west inclined 45
degrees dial in clay - Dec 17
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morning dial (clay)
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Longitude corrected vertical south 5
degrees west decliner with Italian lines
vertical decliner,
case studies.
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snow on an open book dial
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S 174 W north facing
Time Slithers by...  
N6W decliner at 5pm mst, 6pm summer
Clay cube dial

Page 1 ~ of the author's sundials  polar, horizontal, stained glass, meridian, capuchin,  shepherds, vertical, durer, globe, cube, decliners, inclined
decliners, armillary, equatorial, etc.  
(concrete, glass, copper) - outside or long lasting.  

Page 2 ~ fine detail yet less weather proof. (PVC, wood, etc)

Page 3 ~ artistic photos of the dials in book 2. Some are rather interesting or amusing. Some bad weather (snow) pictures.

and some of the author's stained glass non sundial work.

and some 3d JPG pics also here, and also here, of sundials, both real, and 3d CAD, just for fun.

and some antique or collectible dials in the author's collection
dial made from flagstone