These dials are described in the book "Illustrating Time's Shadow" and were made by the author.     
A shepherds dual
gnomon dial
A polar dial with Italian lines
A cube dial 4*4 wood and a
rondel - horizontal, vertical,
and meridian.
A paper pop-up dial vertical
& horizontal!
A cube dial - polar,
equatorial, and
Sloped pillar globe dial
Sloped pillar globe dial -
needs human activity
Gnomonless armillary
dial -
notes are here.
A lunar dial
Ecliptic dial
Bi filar dial
Capuchin dial
Polarized light dial

Page 1 ~ of the author's sundials  polar, horizontal, stained glass, meridian, capuchin,  shepherds, vertical, durer, globe, cube, decliners, inclined decliners,
armillary, equatorial, etc.  
(concrete, glass, copper) - outside or long lasting.  

Page 2 ~ fine detail yet less weather proof. (PVC, wood, etc)

Page 3 ~ artistic photos of the dials in book 2. Some are rather interesting or amusing. Some bad weather (snow) pictures.

and some of the author's stained glass non sundial work.

and some antique or collectible dials in the author's collection
A dyptych dial