This file is helpful when reading Illustrating Times Shadow because it allows a dial to be rapidly made and then
manipulated to see how orientation affects the shadows. This file has dials built for for latitude 32 (latitudes like
Phoenix, Los Angeles, etc), as well as latitude 51 (latitudes such as southern England), and the notes show how to
move the equinox line, the dial center, and thus the hour lines. This is more for interest than a serious dial, however
it is most instructive, and adds another facet to gnomonics.

The spreadsheet
illustratingShadows.xls has a simple method of determining hour line angles for any latitude, this
works in Excel as well as in Open Office (Free) and Kingsoft (Free).

These dials are discussed in ILLUSTRATING TIMES SHADOW  

As with most files here, this is in Acrobat PDF format, and if you do not have the acrobat reader, it can be
downloaded free. There is a link on the
main web page.

You may consider the FREE
SIMPLE SHADOWS which talks only of horizontal sundials, in a "do it first then fix it
next" step by step process, as well as discussing what happens and why it works and then stepping you through the
process. Tables are provided.
Simple Shadows is a free sample of the big book "Illustrating Time's Shadow"
This is a PDF file that has a
horizontal dial designed for
latitude 32 (Los Angeles, Phoenix,
etc) and latitude 51 also (southern
England for example).  What
makes it different is that it is a
paper cutout and popup dial!

this file has a pop up dual
dial, with both a horizontal and a
vertical dial.

Both are included in
consider CUTTING SHADOWS which are paper cutouts for any latitude