programming JustBASIC BASIC sundials sun dials
(a free BASIC system, with an extended version for a modest fee)

their main web page is here   (

FREE ~ The  benefit of  these programs is that they run on a free system, so if you don't have TurboCAD, DeltaCAD, or Excel, you can still have some fun
with programming. These are provided in BASIC as well as in current virus checked executables if you do not wish to download the free BASIC compiler
which is a true IDE.

a graphical hDial                     Using Just BASIC's turtle graphics package

an almanac                             EOT, declination, sunrise and set,
                                           hourly altitude, azimuth, h-dial and v-dial data

a horizontal dial                      A simple BASIC program usingJustBASIC.                       

horiz, vert w/wo decl               Same as the h-dial but adds vertical dial with
                                          and without a wall declination   

declination curves                  This shows calendar points for a given SH (style height) and a given style      
                            linear length. These data may then be used on the SD extended for a
                            horizontal dial, or on a vertical or vertical decliner when of course the
                            summer and winter solstice data is reversed.     Updated with more options   
                            also added to the statement of assumptions solar declinations used
                            Revised Feb 10, 2008 with clearer messages.

polar/meridian dials               This displays hour line distances from the sub style in 60, 30, or 15
                            minute increments, for longitude corrected polar dials as well as for
                            true meridian (true east or west) dials. Also displayed is the calendar data
                            for 1, 2, and 3 months from the equinox.  And Italian line data.                             

meridian but inclining           This does the true east and true west but inclining dial and prints all sorts
                           of good figures to draft the plate.                                                                                 

zip of the above                      JustBASIC files above zipped      [file size is 10k - small]            

zip above plus executables This also includes the BASIC files in executable form along with the            
                           run time libraries, so you can just click on the filename.exe and run asis
                           without the BASIC compiler itself being on your system. There are virus
                           checked with current professional software prior to upload.  Please
                           read the readme file if you want to run the .exe versions [file size 1.5mb]


Again, JustBASIC is a free program, and they have for a nominal charge an upgraded version, and well worth downloading. The
JustBASIC web site is here.   

The above BASIC programs somewhat parallel the DeltaCAD macros here, except these BASIC programs are less sophisticated than
my DeltaCAD macros. See also Powerdraw, NanoCAD, FreeCAD, and so on ~ all on this web site.
Click here for JustBASIC sundial programs
or here for the executables as well
Works asis on win64 Vista
Windows 7, Windows 8
win32 XP
download Programming Shadows,
it is free, and has many hints to get
you up to speed on many languages