The Illustrating Shadows online download, $20 gets the book and a userid/password
One purchase of $20 gets the userid and password to download Illustrating Time's Shadow. The
userid/password to download is emailed to you within 24 hours.
Please email me as PayPal no longer
me when a payment comes in, we are trying to fix it.

use your PayPal

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PLEASE email me to let me know, many thanks

Illustrating Time's Shadow in pdf format
ACROBAT 7 or later
You print it locally, the covers are color and one sided on card stock, and normal
pages are two sided (black and white is cheaper) and then spiral bind them. I email
a userid and password for download within 24 hours, normally same day, or same
Please check your spam folder for the userid and
password from "" which
will send the userid, password, and a few other notes.
I usually send two emails with the information you
need to download, just in case the first one gets into a
spam folder.
Any questions - email me here - I answer
same day. Privacy
Policy is here